32 Below

    While the band's name may send chills through your body, make no mistake - this is one of the hottest bands making the club circuit today. Although the band is now based in Nashville, they got their start in Fargo North Dakota. An area known for extremely cold winters and henceforth - the band's name.

    The band has been together for over four years and consists of Matt Aakre who is the lead singer and plays lead guitar, Nathan Stang on bass, Ty Taylor on rhythm guitar, Jeb Reinhiller on fiddle and mandolin and Derek Lien on drums. The band's sound id handled by their production engineer, Dusty Schultz. The band gets its influences from country and metal music which is evident in the cover songs they perform as well as their original music. More recently, their influence comes in the form a of a new found friendship with Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry of Montgomery - Gentry fame. 32 Below had open for the guys a couple of times and it prompted Eddie and Troy to take a personal interest in the band by steering them towards key people around Nashville. It has definitely helped the band get some great gigs.

    Of course they weren't always great gigs. The band related a story in there early days of arriving in Nashville when a so-called booking agent got the band a show in Mobile Alabama. When the band finally found this hole-in-the-wall bar off the beaten path of mainstream Mobile, it looked like the boys were headed for a real life version of Charlie Daniel's "Uneasy Rider". Once inside the bar, it was obvious the place had seen some rough nights. When the guys inquired about needing 220 volt outlets for their equipment the rough, weather-beaten bar manager said, "We ain't got no 220. Besides, yur stuff's gonna' end up broke anyway." The band said that probably was a bit of a stretch of the truth but the old boy at the bar said, "No, really. It WILL get broke." After a quick powwow the band announced that they were going to go get something to eat and with that they grabbed the stuff they had already carried in and made a beeline for the van. Never to return.

    32 Below does have a much brighter future ahead. They are getting ready to do a 3rd CD which will be done live. Look for its release in January 2006. Below are pictures from their first visit to 8 Seconds Saloon. For more information on the band be sure to visit their website at www.32below.net.

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32 BelowDerek
Jeb and MattJeb and Ty
Jeb, Matt, Ty and NathanMatt