Chasin' Mason

    A whirlwind blew in to 8 Seconds Saloon and it had nothing to do with the weather. It came in the form of Chasin' Mason and stormed in from Milwaukee WI. to grace the stage of the club for their first visit. You would never know by the way they sounded that the band ahs only been together a year. Their music was tight and nobody "missed a lick".

    It is immediately apparent the band emulates the young, edgy country groups hitting the charts today. And their influences in music reflects much of the same. The band's set list of songs was like a current Billboard Top 40 Country list. The seven piece band is fronted by vocalist Billy O'Dwyer. He's backed by Donn Trampe on bass, Gary Koehler on drums, Ryan Rossebo on lead guitar, Jim Herman is the "utility" player who plays fiddle, banjo, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, Rick Patin handles keyboards and Josh Mendez plays acoustic guitar.

    The band has had plenty of exposure opening for several national acts but the one they were most impressed with was Phil Vassar. But like all the others, they've had their "not-so-glorious" moments, too. A past event found the band out on a river using a barge as a makeshift stage. To make matters worse the band faced a down-pour of rain but being the pros, they played their entire set. It was pointed out that an upcoming event may outdo this. The band has been asked to perform a pre-written song specifically for the opening of a local ice rink! Either way, there's no sign that this band will find themselves being sent "up the river" for any bad shows.

    The band is currently in the studio writing and recording songs for their first CD. Look for this band to gain more noteriety as time goes on.

    Click here to visit the band's website. Below are pictures of the band's first visit to 8 Seconds Saloon. Click on any picture to view a larger image.

Billy O'DwyerBilly O'Dwyer
Chasin' MasonDonn Trampe
Gary KoehlerJim Herman
Jods MendezJosh Mendez, Billy O'Dwyer and Jim Herman
Josh Mendez and Ryan RosseboJosh Mendez and Ryan Rossebo
Rick PatinRick Patin and Ryan Rossebo
Ryan RosseboRyan Rossebo